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Tech refugee. Loves work. Busy community volunteer; Worked with prisoners. Fairweather rider (1991 FLSTC) all weather friend.

(Montana Native)

Believes that what's sufficient is entirely enough. Full stop.

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Tiny farmer:

Holding Trump accountable for his crimes is NOT political.

NOT holding Trump accountable for his crimes IS political.

@dumbo Oh, I’d just be an American house cat in a nice neighborhood.

I don’t think I’m going to be able to stomach the onslaught of media coverage over Trump’s many criminal trials. Maybe I need to pause all my news subscriptions for, I don’t know, a year? Go live in a cave somewhere.

I know it is incredibly hard to believe, but this is a member of the U.S. House of Representatives. People actually voted for this intellectually challenged being. #Boebert #trump

"(1) The indictment of the former president on multiple felony counts is an historic vindication of the principle that no one is above the law, and (2) our democracy and legal system are about to face a dangerous stress test."

Hellraisers: NYPD skull 🗽 Another Trump tantrum 🗽Vendors rise up

How’s this for an idea that should not be controversial: Ban assault rifles, not books.

Something for and friends - who find themselves estranged from their communities on Sunday morning...

for people who avoid church. It's a good day to count blessings.

I saw an awesome status today:

"Be the person your dog thinks you are." 😃

(Well, it's better if you are kind to your dog, I think)

#advice #dogs #admiration

I don’t fully understand the Internet Archive case. I want them to be able to lend books, but I also don’t want to see it abused as a way to avoid paying for intellectual property. I’ve heard people suggest exactly that.

I don’t believe everything should be free. I believe people should be compensated for their hard work and artistic abilities. If we want to have published work, we need publishing to be profitable.


You might even have transgender friends, it's not like anyone can pin you down on a position.

You're friends with everyone. We can all get along! Just so long as you don't interrogate what I actually (secretly) believe, who I support, which candidates for office always seem to represent my values (bigots) and I just want to end your way of life, but we can all agree to disagree, right?

I wish there weren't a legion of fucks just exactly like this.

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