@oliphant Question if I may? Is there a tutorial on amending the Public Landing page. Like what you've done with yours quite a bit. Appreciate a clue or two...

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@Dumbo Ahh, yes, the /about page?

You need to go into Preferences > Administration > Server Settings

On yours it should be:

At the top there are different tabs....

The 'About' tab is the one you want.

@Dumbo Then you need to update the 'Extended Description' there.

It supports Markdown, so you can use something like:

## Donate

My text is here...

Some tips on Markdown:

@oliphant I read this earlier (last week) about the markdown support. I wasn't connecting the dots. Thanks very much.

@oliphant ack. No 'branding' page (.../admin/settings/branding) ... and no "about" tab (or any tabs) I can see.

Thanks for trying! I'll keep diggin'

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