So it turns out that Ambulance Services / Medical Transport agencies have hard time finding employees to drive... has to do with the smaller proportion of the workforce that can pass a background check and drug test. Since I'm a grateful sober person, bla bla blah, one of the things I do is cover when drivers are absent or it's just busy. This time of year it can be extremely enjoyable. Yep those are sleigh bells on his boots! Cool or what?

Dateline S. Oregon Coast.

Property owner seeks sculpture(s.)

There are several spots and piece(s) might move among them periodically. (Which makes installation interesting on a couple of levels.) E.g. glimpses from the street, multiple angles.

Normal, murky day... deep shadows. That's "Sara Palin" the mean mama bear kitty, AKA FarmGirl. To show one view walkers have from the corner.

G'nite ... good to be here with you. S. Oregon.

About 5 minutes later, we saw the !

As this toot floats out into the ... Are there any Saturday riders heading out? It's incredibly nice here... , maybe?


1991 FLSTC

Thankful for volunteers today ... Our bit: K and I delivered meals to 30-some homes ... all shut-in members of our community. Some are destitute, living in abject poverty, others reside in eye-popping appointments overlooking the Pacific ocean... An even mix of aged and special needs.

Loneliness has no respect for economics.

A bunch of people volunteered to deliver and a biggish team cooked. We still aren't able to gather at tables ... since 2019.

Stunning November weather.

"Oregon Sunshine" Our greenhouse produces indescribable delicacies... This preparation is Bulgarian Carrot, white vinegar, pickling salt and a teeny tiny bit of garlic. Blended, strained and bottled in a recycled tabasco bottle.

Very hot flavor. Makes a serving of cranberries amazing. It goes with turkey sandwiches, I promise.

Just for fun, Happy Thanksgiving!

@billvb Thanks for the follow. I know it's an addiction, but is it healthy? One 'valve nut' to another. Tonejunkies.

Hey y'all, digitalocean just did good. The response came like 10 minutes after I asked. I just wanted to say, wow. A couple of months? nice.


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