NASA is reporting on UAP research, showing new video of unexplained orbs. Remarkably their data is all aerial ... no maritime or space incidents are in the report.

NASA's UAP Reporting Summary ... note it says *Nothing* about Maritime or Space...

The story behind the book “Pilgrims Progress” is intersting... If you’re into mystical stuff, anyway. “You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.” John Bunyan.

Farm cats … plain kibble becomes an irresistible treat when trickled outside.

Weather anomalies.

We're headed for record temps Sunday. One day, almost 20F above the weekly avg.

IR is killing plants in our greenhouse, venting just isn't enough. We put shade over out tomatoes.

On the other hand, tourism will bloom. Everyone fleeing 100F in the valley will flock to our beaches. Getting a pizza this weekend will be hopeless.

For those investigating direct costs of having an account in the :

My single user instance through DigitalOcean ran $19 for April. Which was: Exactly the same as for March...


It was nice out last night, after breakfast... sleeping off the party.

I don't have the hangover, but I think a nap after breakfast sounds good!

Sun is out after snowfall. Sounds… Birds down from roosts, congregate in the grass… ocean is loud!

Time to go cap and drain our irrigation systems. Harvest some lemons.

NWS says:

* WHAT...Heavy snow expected. Total snow accumulations of 1 to 4 inches, except for 5 to 10 inches above 1000 feet.

* WHEN...For the Winter Storm Warning, from 7 PM Wednesday to 10 AM PST Thursday.


. What's on my bench right now... This one is called "Uncle Ray."

Wanted to say hi, that's all.

Reading my feed in here is therapeutic, and I'm super grateful to everyone I follow on for posting / reposting.

Thank you!

The reason for my virtual silence relates to being completely depleted by supervising a leadership / project at a .

Not my first rodeo. Reminds me that I'm great at this, because I care.

"It's okay to look in the rearview mirror... just don't stare."

Good morning . Pics of a weekly appointment we've kept for years... Saturday breakfast for two.

I particularly enjoy the beer with an ice cube at her setting.

has been a steady date since we took the path "less traveled" as . Which translates to being a bit chronically underemployed. But that leaves time (and energy!) for the garden.

Truly blessed.

Send some video tonight... Courtesy of the


* WHAT...Dangerously large breaking waves peaking at 30 to 35

Good Morning and Merry Christmas!

Today it's murky and warm here on the left coast in the mythical "State of Jefferson."

We are as "west as it gets." A walk on the beach is next.

Pity those stuck in airports. Ugh. Been there, done that.

Bonnie is on the couch opposite my chair, her blanket tucked around her flanks. The herd of cats is on the deck, quietly curled on equally spaced chairs, sheltered away from the mist.

A candle burns on the mantle.

We are so blessed!


The needs Shady Pines Radio ... and they need us. How come they aren't 'on the air' herabouts?

Do you know? Need an invitation?

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