Objective: Get help with my tiny instance. Catch up and .ver updates.

would be great, but I completely understand how add value.

? PM me.

instances must evolve beyond rules-based governance.

Special respect for @oliphant 's decidedly cerebral approach - who's deliberation produces excellent concrete & actionable boundaries. He points out:

"Technically, that doesn't break the rules," is what (trolls) are looking for.

Perhaps ? trained on human moderation; statistical behavior of few great mods across a range of instances might serve as a quality gateway.

I'd subscribe.

What's the community think of services like Toot.io for managed hosting? I won't list others...

I'm one of those who probably shouldn't be trusted with maintenance, upgrades, bla bla blah. (admits sadly, after building an instance and giving it a whirl.)

I can talk about why I concluded the facts of my incompetence, but that's probably a different thread.

Ran the Mastodon upgrade to 4.0.2 per:


My site still lists (v3.5.3) after restarting the services.

What should I be looking for?

Thanks! Suggestions most welcome.

History suggests that Social Media is no public panacea; e.g. SM is no replacement organization. Journaled on this after an interaction with an emerging NPO.

Those notes include a link to a recent Harvard study on the future of non-violent resistance. Which, it seems to me, document realities bearing on the evolution of . The conclusion is that organization drives outcome. (Duh!) At least the science says as much.


Hey y'all, digitalocean just did good. The response came like 10 minutes after I asked. I just wanted to say, wow. A couple of months? nice.


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