@DataDrivenMD Loved "Digital NIMBYism"

Seems to be an irrational gulf that can't be spanned... the "Don't Tread On Me" attitude that infers "Digital Trespassing." Or - "Your objectionable content in my feed is an assault on my right to my preconceptions."

Somehow people take personal offense in realms wholly apart from themselves.

As you say: A sense of trespass extends to immigration, women's bodies, gender, law, taxes ... ugly.

Block 'em.

Dear members of the self-appointed fediverse tone police: this is your periodic reminder to heed your own advice: if you can't handle posts about racial injustice, colorism, or anti-immigrant bias then it's *your* job to mute or block.

If you want to keep pretending that this place is a welcoming utopia for all persons, then it is *your* job to curate your feed to live your lie — it is not my job to self-censor for your comfort

Go on, now, and stay out of my mentions with your digital NIMBYism

@MattHodges Truly funny. Thank you. (anyone else will have to dig back into some of your other posts to get it.)

At least I think you were teasing.

It's chilli, tomato, et al sorting and labelling day...

Then planting out some in the #greenhouse.

Then off to plant out more in the #allotment #polytunnel.

If you post a link to an article, you are now required to indicate whether it’s paywalled so that you don’t waste any clicker’s time.

If you post a link to GitHub, you are now required to indicate whether it’s technical so that you don’t waste any clicker’s time.

If you post a link to a podcast, you are now required to indicate whether it’s really long so that you don’t waste any clicker’s time.

Absolutely absurd.

@MattHodges @johnlray

Makes me crazy. The flip side is seriously - as important. Posting links to paywalled content avails the authors of the content - a chance to secure new subscribers. And if that isn't important today? I really don't know what is.

Since when did we become responsible for the inconvenience or offense of what our content generates?

This is what block is for.

@dumbo One, it’s complicated. Two, it’s too early to tell how significant Harris will be. It also depends on how long DeSantis lasts. Will be age be a factor? Trump has no advantage over Biden in age. If Trump can’t paint Biden as the boogeyman will he use Harris as a proxy? Possibly.

I think it’s too complex to assume that voters will make the decision to vote for Trump because Harris might become president. You’re either motivated to vote against Biden or you’re not. Who comes out?

Hey @davidtoddmccarty question / your thoughts on 2024? Does Joe’s re-election run morph into a referendum on VP Kamala H? Isn’t there a stronger than usual likelihood that Joe won’t serve four whole years? Or are age stats an unholy topic, nigh taboo?

Introducing the one thing no one wants, more talk of all things political. Oh, but wait. There’s actually a huge audience of educated, opinionated policy wonks with fewer places to turn? There has to be some place for we masochists to go.

Enter Rome.
#Politics #Medium #Writers

@popey We eat tons of this stuff (grow our own beans, peppers, herbs... great local cheese factory. No idea where the rice comes from, alas...)


@davidbures Bit like Foo Bar...?

(of which) I only made it through the first couple of puzzles. Sidelined by brain cramps (dastardly distractions originating in real-life, per se.)

Cool on you. No idea how to start.

Did someone solve it?

I have a little challenge for all you cryptography enjoyers out there.

I am presenting you with this text:

First one to DM me a decoded result, along with the process they used for decoding the text, will advance to the next round...

#cryptography #Programming #challenge #Recruiting #jobs #Job

Announcing the launch of a new politics magazine called Rome. Click on the link and follow the publication. We can’t defeat fascism if no one is informed.


#politics #medium #writing

Prepping this morning to attend Edna's funeral. Zero notariety - never used email or social media. Quietest soul ever. Friend of Prisoners. Compassionate. Never confrontational or judgemental.

Her battle with Osteo-A is over. Which illuminates today...

Freedom. Unalienable rights: "Natural rights not dependent on laws or customs."

Celebrating LQBTQ liberty. I wish you peace and joy in this short life. You are loved!


I had to stop drinking years ago, which I have mixed feelings about, because it was one thing I was actually pretty good at but it was also something I was really good at on a regular basis

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