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@billvb Thanks for the follow. I know it's an addiction, but is it healthy? One 'valve nut' to another. Tonejunkies.

It’s good to see engagement and use growing here. It would be healthy to have a social platform free of the billionaire oligopoly and the corporate ad folks, don’t you think?

@Porpentina2017 Twitter only has the power its users give it. I won't give Musk any more power with my use of his site.

There is no such thing as a “lone wolf” shooter. The horrific acts of violence against marginalized communities are inextricable from the homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, and racism that far-right political leaders stoke every day.

One of the country’s largest private prison companies has defrauded Texas. | Via Texas Tribune

Read here:

#texas #prison #fraud #news

It’s about time we showed up here.

We’re The Markup, a nonprofit newsroom that’s skeptical about Big Tech. And there’s a lot to be skeptical about right now.


The fediverse 🙄 is certainly more civil and sophisticated right now.

But if you don't know the phrase, you should look up the meaning of "regression to the mean".

New adopters are, almost by definition, individualists with open minds: curious, exploratory, interested in new ideas and discussion.

I've created a small, incomplete, list of instances with moderators of color.

The list and suggestions became to much to keep up on my own, so here is a Google document,

Here's how to move accounts and take your followers with you

#BlackMastodon #BlackTwitter #BlackFedi #FediTips #TwitterMigration #MastoAdmin

Live a little, lurk a little. Just invited

Where are you folks?

The hardest problem in computer science is to make a social network without nazis

A shout out to the #admins who are keeping the riff raff off their instances.

You know who you are!

Despite the illusion the "everybody here is nice" there is a maelstrom of trollery just outside the gate.

It is thanks to the admins and #moderators that folks can enjoy the sense of comfort.

The #fediverse is full of creepazoid instances which are banned and blocked on most but not all instances.

Feel free to copy/repost this with reference to your admin on your instance!

Hey y'all, digitalocean just did good. The response came like 10 minutes after I asked. I just wanted to say, wow. A couple of months? nice.

Another Black person played Mastodon "instance roulette" and lost.

We need a Mastodon instance Green Book pronto or this ain't gonna work.

This is starting to feel like the WW2 Dunkirk evacuation where the Black and Indian Commonwealth soldiers were abandoned on the beach...

yoooo, if you think we've been using this stuff for years without thinking about and discussing all the low hanging fruit in the "what could go wrong with the fediverse" category I've gotta say, I'm kinda offended you think we're that clueless.

we get it. you're smart. maybe approach this place like it might be filled with people who are smart like you.

Relieved this morning to see acquisition of signal (AOS) for Artemis 1 after the powered flyby burn happened right on time. Not so on Apollo 8 the first time it went behind the moon & did its LOI burn. It was a few seconds late coming out the other side — which could have meant an overburn necessitating a fast corrective maneuver. Fortunately the problem wasn’t with the maneuver but with the orbital calculations. The moon has mass concentrations which hadn’t yet been mapped. #Apollo8 #Artemis1

Have a peek at this profile, I think you'll enjoy it.


Hey! Recieved credit for a solution on an SMTP error behind someone's Mastodon instance. Never too late to share what you learn.

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