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WRT malpractice? , etc.

A link drawing attention to : On adverse family of origin issues, influence on adult career choices in Enforcement and First Response.

Collaborators needed...

First rule of introvert club - Attendance optional

Republicans didn’t fearmonger about Obamacare because it wouldn't work. They were always afraid because they knew it would.

Healthcare is a fundamental right. Like everything else, people catch up eventually whether they want to admit it or not. The downside there is, of course, everything awful that could be avoided in the meantime.

N. Carolina legislators reach Medicaid expansion deal-

I obviously have no say on Mastodon's future development, but I've already brought up comment control as an official feature request in Mastodon's Github repo.

In fact, I made this suggestion back in November. Here it is:

I bring this conversation up again because I think it's worth having.

It's worth discussing how we can make the Fediverse better.

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@revolt3d The media has really worked overtime on that normalization.

The fact that Trump could take the stage at CPAC without boos or being told to leave for his anti-democratic positions--for literally trying to destroy the country to stay in power--is a bad, bad, very bad sign.

Nieman Lab Digs OptOut 🗞 Who's Fighting Student Debt Relief? 🗞 Politico Aids Railroad Lobby

Got some #allotment time in today, a bit of a dereliction of work duties but I needed it and the allotment needed it. Also was nice to see the place a bit busy, three other plots of allotmenters getting some work in.

Today's "big job" was turning the compost heap into the next bay and getting a start on a new heap.

*hears about a horrible dickhead from some server*
*checks the server*
*checks my "100% blocked" list*
"Yep, they're on it."

Every. Time.

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