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Alan Feuer:

👀 New: Prosecutors overseeing the investigation into Trump's handling of #classified documents have subpoenaed #TrumpOrg for info on foreign business deals in 7 countries going back to 2017, a wider net than previously #Trump #legal #JackSmith

I'm curious, #MastoAdmin and other server admins of the Fedi:

Do you use any of the #Oliphant blocklists?

The servers that would completely block Meta or Tumblr likely already block or any other large public server. Let them do it. Leave them alone.

Unless moderation is run like Pawoo or something, we'll quickly know what kind of shit we're dealing with.

This isn't the end of the fediverse or any such thing. Communities get to make federation decisions. That part works as intended.

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Maybe if some of the leading elected insurrectionists were held accountable for their crimes, the Republicans would be less sure they can get away with anything.

Shattered teeth. Punctured lungs. Broken bones. New York officials have documented attacks by hundreds of prison guards on people in their custody over a dozen years. The system fails to hold many guards accountable, records obtained by @marshallproj show.

Texas Singer and songwriterJames McMurtry was wearing a dress at his Nashville show last night because the state of Tennessee just made drag shows illegal

Once the Democratic Party concedes "givebacks" to Republicans, surrendering benefits previously agreed to, we will face neverending GOP demands to give up more and more until all progress and human rights we've earned are reversed. I say: We should never negotiate under the gun, regardless of the threatened consequences. Either we stand for something or we stand for nothing. #debtceilingshowdown


Lists the following stats


11,947,133 accounts
+372 in the last hour
+14,508 in the last day
+121,986 in the last week

Forecast when Accounts will exceed 12 Million:

@oliphant @elgacd
@davidslifka @damien

The Headline would read: "Tiny instance owner seeks partner."

"Likes to operate the old fashioned way... keep organized and lean forward."

Referrals. Most. Welcome.

Q: How to find competent assistance in the ?

Q: For the longer term, an expanded support model? Can engineering be "federalized" to benefit small operators? Is diversity is at stake?

Like to me, that's all that matters.

Once I found an ad-free social media that doesn't treat its users like guinea pigs for marketing and leaving hate speech unblocked for 'clicks' or 'engagement' I'm not sure how I voluntarily step back into that world again. Ever.

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It should go without saying, but I’ll say it: unauthorized use of a warrantless surveillance system is inherently dangerous and intrusive, even if you don’t like the people who were targeted with it.

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Will be taking some shifts driving for an Ambulance Co. next week... to cover vacations, I'm sure.

Happy to help.

Pays so little, it's basically work.

But the real problem for them is finding people to hire that can pass a background check and drug test.

I mean it's a big problem, because of insurance - the underwriters insist on regular testing as much as other agencies regulate the training.

Elon Musk calls on the venerable Associated Press to retract a story about #Twitter and false claims of a stolen election.

Looking good 👍 We watered most of the allotment first thing this morning while it was cool 😎 The large greenhouse, the fruit cage and the brassica beds are all looking fresh and ready to grow 🧐 #Allotment #Gardening #GowYourOwn #Today

Is it true? "Age and cunning beat youth and vigor" everytime?

Well, that hasn't been my experience, anyway. And political data shows it as well.

@georgetakei thanks for sharing the work by @jaykuo

I'm weary of: Aging politicians unwilling to clear the way for age-appropriate successors. Maybe the goodwill of no longer exists.

It's befuddling. Progress can't wait for 2028, or '32.

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